Friday, August 1, 2014

Free & 50 Friday!

Today is the second day in the 'Goodbye July...Aloha August' extravaganza!

Before I tell you about today's daily deal, I wanted to remind you to enter the iPad mini giveaway!  Click here to enter!
Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopters below to win 4 $50 gift certificates to TPT.  You can enter ALL of them and win them ALL!!
Today's daily deal is:
Simply type freefiftyfri into the TPT Search engine (or click the hyperlink to take you there directly) and you will find all the FREE samples and 50% off products they are from!
Each participant has taken a piece or 2 of their product out as a FREE sample and then put the original full product on sale for 50% off for the entire day!
So what will you find from me...
Here is my FREE sampler:
 You get three pages of sweet treats to sample from my "Delicious Donuts" pack.
 This pack has 108 pages of delicious fun!  You would usually pay $7 for this pack, but now you can get it for only $3.50!!
Kids can build their own donut number line.
Use the number line for number identification
and addition.
I've included anchor charts that help kids learn how to count on.
Kids can use personal number lines to demonstrate the addition problems at their seats.
While, another student demonstrates it on the class number line.  The focus wands really allow students to focus in on the specific numbers.
I've included addition cards, with sums to 20, where students can act out the addition problems on the number line.
Students can use the personal number lines, focus wands, and addition cards to play "Donut War".  Played just like war: the winner has the largest sum.  Play until the cards run out!
Students can create their own number lines!
Students find numbers that are more or less than the targeted number.  For kinesthetic learners, they can find the target number on the number line and go forward or back.
 Use number lines to solve addition problems.
 Students will solve more addition problems with 2 and 3 addends.
 Students will find the matching number.  Great for number identification.
And so much more!
Be sure to check back tomorrow for:
where each participant will be offering one of their bundles, or higher priced items, at 50% off all day!
You are going to want to snag these then because that is even cheaper than you would find it during TpT's Back to School sale schedule for August 4th & 5th!

In the meantime, enter these rafflecopters:
Each one will generate a winner- and yes- you can win more than 1!
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