Monday, March 17, 2014

Frog and Toad Freebie!

I am sitting here looking out the window at the SIX inches of snow on the ground!  I am so ready for spring!!  I have been stuck in bed for the last few weeks, so I decided to make a spring freebie.  I thought it might make me feel a little more "springy"!
I love frogs and toads!  When I was little, I went searching for frogs and toads in the woods behind our house.  I always loved catching them and playing with them.  My kids don't have the woods right behind their house, so I decided to make them a pretend frog and toad.  They can play with them and feed them flies!
Materials You Will Need:
Below are some affiliate links to all the stuff I used to create frog and toad.
Lysol Wipe Containers- or any container with a circular top.
Scrapbook Paper: to cover the containers
Pipe Cleaners: for tongues
Foam: for more durable eyes
Hot Glue Gun
I started with a Lysol wipes container and removed the paper on the outside.
I took a razor blade and cut out the middle of the top of the Lysol container.  This is the mouth for the frog.
I attached brown paper to the outside of the toad and green foam to the outside of the frog.  You can use whatever you have on hand. You can get a pack of photo scrapbook paper here.  I think the cracked earth looks a lot like a toad.
I then used the same paper or foam to create the back of the frog/toad's eyelids.  I cut a smaller piece of foam and hot glued it to the larger piece.
I then attached a large googly eye and attached the whole eye to the back of the Lysol container.
Here is the toad- ready to eat!
I used a red pipe cleaner to create a durable tongue for the frog/toad.  I wrapped it around my finger to make it look curly and hot glued it to the divet in front of the frog/toad's mouth.
Here is the frog ready for action!
You can use the frog and toad for anything, but I thought it would be great to use them for sorting short and long vowel words.  Frog is for the short vowels and toad is for the long vowels. The words "frog" and "toad" can help students remember the differences between long and short vowel sounds.
I created a freebie with the labels for the frog and toad, as well as, flies with short and long vowel words on them.  Students will read the words out loud and sort the words into the appropriate container. 
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Students will then use the recording sheet to record the long and short vowel words.  They will also use some of the words to create an original sentence.  Click here to get your Frog and Toad Freebie!

I would love it, if you would let me know how it works for you!!!

I have another FUN and interactive set to work on long and short vowels. This pack includes sorting mats, picture and word cards, printables, and interactive booklets. Kids will "meet" animals for each short and long vowel sound. Check out this pack in action here.

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  1. Hi, Laura... Your frogs are so cute! I like frogs too. It's funny that I found your blog link on TBTS, after we just touched base on TPT yesterday about my Pinterest board. Your blog is adorable! Did you design it yourself? I did my designs, but I will probably go back and tweak them, once I learn some more about it. I'm glad I found your blog. I need to follow more blogs and be more active in the blogging community in general... I wish I could tack a few more hours onto the day. I never seem to find time to get everything done. :)
    Jean (JWDesigns) Teaching Tidbits and Treats

  2. Jean- I know what you mean about adding more hours to the day! I feel like I can never get everything done that I want to do :)
    I did not design my blog myself. Christ Fultz designed it. I got my blog done, because I knew that it would take me hours of frustration and I would never end up with the blog that I wanted. Christi was amazing! It ended up being exactly what I wanted!
    I'm glad you commented, because now I found your blog, too! I just started blogging in December and started TBTS this month. I kind of went backwards, but am really enjoying it.
    Glad to get connected!!

  3. What a great idea. My 2nd graders read Frog and Toad stories in the Fall, so I've pinned this for future reference. Thanks so much!

  4. Those frogs are adorable! What a great idea, and many of the students will love them!

    Reading Toward the Stars


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