Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fun DIY Projects for the Summer

Summer is coming and hopefully you will have a little more time to tackle some of the projects that you've wanted to try all year!

I am a DIYer and love to turn any "trash" into learning tools and toys. Here are a few of my favorite that are perfect to get ready for your year next year. I blogged over at Classroom Tested Resources about a few of my favorite DIY projects.
Head over to get some DIY ideas for your summer...
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Make Your Own Font!

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Check out my new favorite program!! has a FREE and fantastic handwriting font creator. I saw this and got so excited.
The process is quick and easy. Download the template from the website, print it out, and fill in your letters.
 If you get outside the faint gray line at all it will cut off your letters.
 It was so exciting when my handwriting was actually on the computer!! If I am this excited, imagine how great it will be for your kids.  My kids were really into this. My son has spent hours creating new sets of letters and trying them out on the computer. This has been a great motivator for writing. He really wants to get on the computer and write ANYTHING!!
You can use these fonts as a motivator for your kids during the summer, or to get them excited about homework during the school year. I can imagine creating a new seasonal font, every time their excitement starts to wane.
Hope someone out there finds this a fraction as exciting as I do!! I would love to hear how you use, or plan to use, this program with your kids...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Read About the Sea!

I blogged over at The Primary Pack with some ideas to get your kids excited about the ocean. Head over to pick up some great ideas!
Here is a list of some of the books, that I love, featuring the ocean and the creatures in it.
A Dolphin Is Not A Fish, by Betsey Chessen and Pamela Chanko
Stars of the Sea, by Allan Fowler
The Biggest Animal Ever, by Allan Fowler
Ocean, by Pamela Chanko and Susan Canizares
Coral Reef, by Susan Canizares and Mary Reid
Friendly Dolphins, by Allan Fowler
It Could Still Be Coral, by Allan Fowler
What Comes in a Shell?, by Susan Canizares and Betsey Chessen
Who Wants a Ride?, by Robin Bernard and Katherine Tillotson
What is a Fish?, by David Eastman and Lynn Sweat
Is A Dolphin A Fish?, by Melvin and Gilda Berger
Really Wild Animals: Sea Babies, by Sandra Markle
Animal Covers, by Luana K. Mitter and Mary M. Wagner
At the Ocean: With Foldout Flaps, Illustrations by Ute Fuhr and Raoul Sautai
Sea Creatures, by Jane P. Resnick and Anton Ericson
Five Little Sharks Swimming In the Sea, by Steve Metzger
Over In The Ocean In A Coral Reef, by Marianne Berkes
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Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more ocean ideas...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Milestone Freebie + MORE!

I wanted to give a huge and heartfelt thank you to all of you who have given me support and feedback on my teaching journey! I love to share my ideas with you and LOVE to get your feedback on my products and ideas.

I reached my first milestone on TPT and am excited to be able to share a freebie with you. This pack is free for the week of May 31st, 2015.  I would love to get your feedback on this teaching tool, or any others. Your comments always make my day :)

Scoop up the free math center here.  This center can be used with real match box cars, or with the car manipulatives provided. It is great for your kinesthetic learners!
I also wanted to share one more freebie with you! This will be free for this week only!
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Thanks so much for all of your support and stay tuned for more surprises!!
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