Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pearly Whites!!

I shared some fun activities over at The Primary Pack!  You can learn how to make a model of a mouth out of a paper plate & marshmallows or use play dough & beans!!  Check out the post here.
Jenn from Crayons & Cuties in Kindergarten shared one of her favorite teeth activities with me.  Her class uses paint and toothbrushes to "clean" yellow teeth.  I LOVED this idea and had to recreate it!  I made a printable of a mouth.  You can get it free on my blog. 
We read "I Know Why I Brush My Teeth", by Kate Rowan.  This book has great information and is accompanied by kid-friendly illustrations.  After reading about plaque and the importance of brushing your teeth, I had the kids use yellow highlighters to add plaque to their teeth. 
Then, they used the toothbrushes and white paint to "brush the teeth clean"!
  It was definitely a hit!
You can get a copy of the teeth printable that I used here.  I would love to know what your kids think about it!  Check out more hands on activities for exploring teeth here.
 I've linked up with Share It Saturday, where you can find all things kid-related!!
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