Friday, May 8, 2015

Buggy Bonanza

 Creepy, crawly insects are AWESOME! Kids love to interact with "gross" and beautiful bugs. Spring is the perfect time to break out the bug activities!
My mom and I got together this weekend and came up with a little song about insects. This song is sung to the tune of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic". Get a FREE copy of the lyrics to "Song of An Insect" here. I even recorded myself singing this song for you to use with your kids. I am a teacher- not a singer, so please don't judge the song quality!! :)
I love using songs to get kids engaged with their learning. It helps them learn and retain information. When you add props to the songs, you make the learning activities even more interactive. This is great for kinesthetic learners.
We used masks to enhance the "Song of An Insect", but you could use puppets, plastic toys, pictures on a stick, or any type of manipulative! Kids use the props to act out the information in the song.
We also used games with an insect theme to practice basic skills. Kids often forget that they are learning, when presented with information in a game format. This allows kids to get much needed practice in a fun way.

"Roll, Say, Keep" is one of my favorite games. It allows kids to practice almost any skill in a fun and easy format.
We used "Roll, Say, Keep" to practice numeral recognition.
Upper and lowercase letter recognition.
 Letter sounds.
I love using the letter and number cards from the "Roll, Say, Keep" game for memory, on the pocket chart, and in so many other ways.

Scoop up the "Roll, Say, Keep" from my TPT store. You can get the Butterfly Numerals here and the Butterfly Alphabet and Letter Sounds here.

"Butterfly Bump" is a great game to get your kids adding! Bump is a great game that allows partners to interact with addition in a fun way. All you need is the board, two dice and cubes of 2 colors.

Get your FREE copy of "Butterfly Bump", for a limited time, here. I would love to hear what your kids thought of the game!
I'll share one more fun game for early learners. You can get my copy here, or use simple manipulatives to create your own. This is a simple counting center.
I included two different types of mats that are differentiated. One set of mats has a model to provide a scaffold for kids that are still learning to count. The other set of mats has no model and students must count independently.
It's a simple, yet fun, center to get kids counting.
 This pack also includes a variety of printables to extend the learning. You can use them in morning work, homework, or in the center. Get the "Catching Bugs Counting Center" here.
Thanks so much for getting buggy with me! I hope you found some great ideas to get your kids excited about bugs. I would love for you to comment with your ideas, too!

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