Sunday, November 8, 2015

DIY Turkey From A Plastic Bucket

I blogged over at The Primary Pack today with some other DIY turkey ideas and with some ways to use them. You can see the directions to make a turkey out of a Cascade container here. Get the directions to make the Print & Cut turkey here.
I like passing out cards with the specific skills that I want kids to work on: letter identification, beginning & ending sounds, rhymes, numeral identification, counting, addition, subtraction, or any skill you choose.

You can pass out cards to the whole group, or use the turkey in a center. Kids will feed the turkey!
You can bring more fun to the activity by using a little rhyme to spark excitement with the kids. Change the key words to help them focus in on exactly what match they need to find.
Get your free copy of the turkey rhyme here.
Here are the directions to create the plastic bucket turkey.
You will need:
- Plastic bucket (I got mine from the Dollar Store)
- Foam or card stock 
- Felt to cover the turkey's body
- Hot glue
- Magnet 
- Tape
Cut out the beak and fold it in half.
Tape a magnet or rock to the tip of the beak. This is just to give the beak some weight. It will help keep the turkey's mouth closed.
 Your turkey is ready for learning fun!
Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to head over to The Primary Pack to see more ideas on how to use the turkey!
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  1. I was really confused when I read the DIY turkey from a bucket because I wasn't focusing on it and thought you meant an actually turkey for a second but i love what you made its a great idea :)

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