Friday, March 21, 2014

Trade and Grade!

I am so excited to be involved in my first "Trade and Grade"!  I teamed up with an amazing blogger and teacher.  You can find Tabitha in her store Totally Sweet Math Centers by Tabitha, her FB page and her blog The Learning Highway.
I was lucky enough to get to try out Math Games Galore!  This set of games is very versatile and can be used in the classroom, as well as, sent home for extra practice.  It is jam packed with tons of skills!
There are 5 sets of color game boards and 3 in black and white. 
What I Love:
You can offer students choices when picking a game board.  You can rotate the game boards, so the game never feels stale.  You can save ink by printing the black and white boards on colored paper.
There are 5 decks of math cards with 24 cards in each.  There is an answer key included for each set of cards.
What I Love:
First, I love all the different decks of math cards!  You can use the same game boards and swap out new cards to work on a different skill. 
I love the different types of problems that are included in each deck of cards.  For example, in the 3 digit addition and subtraction (seen below), students are practicing 3-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping.
Below, is an example of the place value cards.  Again, there are different types of questions on the task cards. 
What I Love:
I love that students are able to work on the place value in multiple ways.  In some of the cards, students are identifying the value of base ten blocks.  In some of the cards, students are identifying the value of an underlined digit.  My favorite is when students are asked to identify a number that is 10 less, 10 more, 100 less, and 100 more.  Students are really delving into the concepts in place value.
This game includes a set of cards on comparing numbers.  Some students will be able to compare these numbers in their heads, while others might need paper or manipulatives.
What I Love:
You can tailor this center/game to the needs of your students.  I played this game with two students, whose needs were very different.  One student was able to answer the questions easily and the games were a great review for him.  The other student needs more support.  I broke out the white board, dry erase markers, and alligator "greater and less than" manipulatives. 
For the student, who needed more support, I was able to have him underline the key words in the word problems and use the alligator manipulatives to "eat" the bigger number. 
This center is amazing, because it allows you to have different levels of students working on the same skills with different supports.
The game below includes the deck of cards focused on money.  The cards include some count the coins cards.  Clip art of the coins is included on these cards and students are able to count the actual coins.  There are some word problems that ask students to add certain amounts of coins together to find a total.  There are other word problems that require students to add to sets of coins together and compare the two amounts.
What I Love:
There is so much going on in these cards!  Again, I love that you can differentiate for the needs of your students.  You can add support for those that need it and challenge other students at the same time.
 I used real money and white boards with two of the students, who played this game.  It was interesting, because one student did not need the white board; however, it allowed me to see her reasoning when solving the problem.
He placed the coins on the white board, used mental math to add the coins, and then created an addition sentence, and labeled it part-part-whole.  This was amazing!  I was able to see his reasoning and he used the same materials as the student, who was struggling with the concepts.  Both students were able to use the same materials, but to work at their own levels.  I LOVE this!
The last set of cards is focused on 2 digit addition and subtraction.  There are addition and subtraction sentences, with and without regrouping.
What I Love:
I will say it again, I love all the possibilities that can occur with these cards!  I love that there are a variety of types of addition and subtraction problems included in the cards.  I love the answer key that allows students to easily check their answers.  I love the way that you can differentiate for the needs of each student.  I played this game with several different students.  I played with a student who was able to do the problem in her head, but had fun using the white board to show her work.
I played a game with two students using unifix cubes and white boards.  They were able to work out the problem with the unifix cubes and then solve it on the white board.
This was particularly helpful with regrouping.
Another exciting component, to this set of games, is the "Take Home Math Games". 
What I Love:
The "Take Home Math Games" are easily assembled.  You only need a file folder, a Ziploc baggie, one die, two game pieces, the answer key, and the printables to attach to the file folder.  I assembled my take home packet in less than 5 minutes.  The packet includes directions for parents on the back of the file folder.  Students are able to take home the fun and engaging math games to reinforce the skills they are learning at school.  You can't get much better than that!
This set of math games was amazing!  It was easy for me to prepare and fully engaged students of many differing abilities and needs. 
Tabitha has offered a taste of her "sweet" math center!  You can download the freebie here.
Don't forget to enter the giveaway for some AMAZING products!  Click on the Rafflecopter link below.
You will also want to visit all the other blogs participating in "Trade and Grade"!  You will get to see some great products in action and read reviews from some tough critics- teachers!  Hope you find some great ideas and freebies to use. 


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