Friday, March 21, 2014

What Is Your Super Power?!

It seems like every child loves super heroes!  They are so intriguing and exciting. I had to make some super hero activities for my daughter.  Both of my kids have super hero capes that they play with all the time.  We needed to make super hero crowns to complete the costumes!  I have included the super hero template that I created.  Print them on colored papered and glue them to a sentence strip.  To create a crown, just staple the sentence strip around the child's head. 
I had the kids write the letter of their first name on their super hero crown, but you can also use them for the "Letter of the Day" or whatever you want.   To get the super hero template click here!
 We also used the super hero templates to match upper and lower case letters.  Print out the templates on different colored paper and write enough upper and lowercase letters for every child in your classroom.  Have the kids walk around the class to find their "Super Hero Partner"!  It's great to see the kids problem solving and trying to find their match.  You could also do this with numerals, ten frames, tally marks, set of objects, addition sentences.  The list is endless!  It is a great activity, because it gets the kids up and moving and working together.  You will love it when you see their faces!
I created two different Super Hero scavenger hunts: alphabet and math.  In both sets of scavenger hunts, I have included many differentiated recording sheets.  Every child is different and is learning at a different place and pace.  Using these different recording sheets, the children in your classroom can participate in the same activity on their own level.  Below is one of the recording sheets for the alphabet scavenger hunt.  On this sheet, they are asked to draw their favorite super hero.
 I have included a number of blank recording sheets and super hero cards with both sets of scavenger hunts.  This allows you to further customize the game for your students' learning.  Below, I wrote sight words on the blank super hero cards.  I then wrote the sight words in marker on the recording sheet.  My daughter was able to find the word, trace the sight word/high frequency word, and then write the word in the second space on the recording sheet.  I chose words specifically for her.  She feels like she is working just like her brother, but with her own words.

Below is an example of one of the activities in the math scavenger hunt.  I included all three types of super hero cards, so that you could see examples.  In this pack I include: numerals, ten frames, and objects.  Only put up the cards that you are working on.  I have included recording sheets to: trace numerals, write numerals, identify the number of dots in a ten frame, write the number of dots in a ten frame, addition sentences, and blank recording sheets.
Here are two of the awesome focus wands!  Students can use the focus wands to focus on specific letters or numbers.
Click here for the Math Scavenger Hunt and for Alphabet Scavenger Hunt.

I made super hero focus wands and super hero templates to share.  Click here to get your focus wands and super hero templates!

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