Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIY Rocket Blaster Jet Pack

Create your own Rocket Blaster Jet Pack!  Great for play at home, dramatic play areas, and for all your budding astronauts!
Follow simple instructions to build your own rocket blaster jet pack!
You need:
2 Pringles cans
Aluminum foil
Hot glue/ Hot glue gun
Ribbon or Duct tape
Streamers/Tissue paper/or Felt

Cut aluminum foil large enough to cover each Pringles can.  Tape the inside end to the Pringles can.  Hot glue the aluminum foil to the can.
Place one piece of tape down the edge of the aluminum foil to keep it from peeling off.
 Fold the extra aluminum foil over one end of the pringles can.  I fold it over the plastic top, so that I can hot glue the jet pack "fire" (streamers) to the metal can.

Create two aluminum Pringles cans.
Hot glue the two cans together.  Hold them firmly for a minute, after hot gluing the cans together.
Use ribbon or duct tape to strengthen the attachment of the two cans.  I used decorative ribbon and hot glued it right to the cans.  I attached the ribbon on the top and bottom.  
It would be even easier to use duct tape to hold the two cans together.  You can also use decorative duck tape.
To create straps, I used ribbon.  The ribbon was about 3-4 inches wide.  I hot glued the ribbon to the back of the jet pack.  I hot glued at the top and bottom of the pack.
To create the fire, I hot glued strips of tissue paper to the bottom of each Pringles can.  I used red, yellow and orange to look like fire.  However, just use whatever colors your children love!
To create a more durable fire, you could use felt or fabric.  This would allow kids to be more rough and tumble with their jet packs.  You would cut the fabric or felt into strips and hot glue to the bottom.  Make sure to use thin strips, if you are using fabric or felt.  This will allow the fire to billow around, as the kids move.
Here is the completed jet pack!  Ready to blast right into space!
Hope you enjoyed the directions and that your kids love rocketing around the solar system!

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  1. This is great! My students are currently working on a space unit and will love this. Thanks!


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