Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Reindeer Manipulatives

 Today, I am blogging at The Primary Pack to share a DIY project that will get your kiddos rockin', rompin, adding, and subtracting!  There will be some FREE festive singing to accompany the project, too!  You don't want to miss this!!!
I want to share a simple DIY project to get you ready for the "Reindeer Romp"!  I love using finger puppets as math manipulatives.  It is very simple to create sturdy manipulatives with Velcro out of plastic finger puppets.
-  Finger puppets
- Cotton balls
- Hot glue
- Velcro
I got my reindeer finger puppets from Oriental Trading, but they seem to be sold out for the holiday season.  You can get a different set on Amazon or Oriental Trading.
First, stuff each finger puppet with 2 or 3 cotton balls.  Enough to make the reindeer firm and easy to use as a manipulative.
Turn your reindeer upside down and apply hot glue evenly over the entire opening of the finger puppet.  While the hot glue is still soft, gently push the Velcro onto the middle of the reindeer.
Prop the reindeer upside down to let the hot glue dry evenly.  This will give you a very durable manipulative.
Once they dry, you have reindeer manipulatives that will stick to Velcro on your roof top!
Have fun with your reindeer!
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