Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back-To-School Freebies! Link-Up

I can't believe that back-to-school time is almost here for many of us! Whether you have one day left, or one month, it's always great to get new ideas and be prepared for the beginning of school!

I thought I would kick off the back-to-school season with a Freebie Link-Up. I am always so excited to see the creativity of other teacher authors. I also love sharing great ideas with other teachers and parents, so this is the perfect forum to do both!
Please feel free to link up any of your Back-to-School Ideas and Freebies! I can't wait to see all the creativity!
I'll start it off with a free back-to-school bump game. This addition game is great to get kids adding with dice. They can bump opponents off the spaces for added fun! Head over to TPT to download your free copy.
 I also have a free back-to-school scrambled sentence game. Kids can physically move the words around to find the correct order of the sentence. It's great for kids to focus in on the capital letters and punctuation in a sentence; as well as, checking if the words make sense. Download this freebie here.
 I just started a Pinterest board with tons of Creative Back-to-School Ideas. I can't wait to add your great ideas, too!
Link-up your back-to-school freebies on the link-up below.

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