Friday, July 31, 2015

Five For Friday!

This is my first time linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five For Friday!
This is such a fun linky party! I've always loved seeing all the random stuff that other people post, so I decided that this week I would link up, too!
I spent the last week at my mom and step dad's lake house. It is always a great time there, but this summer we got to spend it with my brother and sister and their families. They both live on the other side of the country, so it is such a special time to be all together. All of our kids were in heaven playing with their cousins for a week!
I got to spend hours playing with 6 kids under the age of eight. My idea of heaven- for real! We spent countless hours playing with duck tape. I think we made everything under the sun. My favorite creations were our duck tape vegetables! I wanted to make some for a sensory table, so I had the kids help me make them. They turned out AWESOME!!

I'll be posting DIY directions when I get a chance!  Update: You can see the DIY here.
My dad passed away 10 years ago. My kids, nieces and nephews were all born after he died. However, this week I heard every one of the kids talking about "Granddaddy", as if they saw him yesterday. It warms my heart to know that he is still present in every one of their lives.
We celebrate and remember him, with a special tradition, every time that we visit the lake. We always find and leave a special stone at the bottom of his tree, a beautiful weeping willow that my mom planted overlooking his lake.
This year was especially beautiful, because all of his children and grandchildren were there. We each decorated a stone, kissed and placed it under his tree. Beautiful.
I don't have a scanner, but my mom has one at her house. Every time I go down there, I scan in more of my families handwriting and create more fonts! I am such a dork, but I get a huge kick out of writing on the computer in other people's handwriting! You can see my original post on my font-creating obsession here.
I had a little too much fun back-to-school shopping this week. I found too much for me, instead of the kids! One of my impulse buys that I can't seem to regret is this ridiculous monster pouch. I already have a smaller hot pink monster that I use to eat all kids of stuff, so I didn't need this purple monstrosity with "grillz". This guy made his way into my cart and I actually paid $7 for him. I know that it's ridiculous, but some things you just have to have...
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My last tidbit is giveaways! I am a sucker for a great giveaway! I am part of a great giveaway over at It's Elementary, My Dear! We are giving away 4- $50 gift cards from Target. Head over and get a chance to win!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my 5 for Friday! Hopefully, I can get it together to link up again :)


  1. Love how you cherish your dad's memory. I like the idea of the rocks by the tree.

    I also love that little pencil pouch. Will you use him to store supplies or as a game?

    My Bright Blue House

    1. Thanks so much!

      I will definitely be using the pencil pouch for different learning activities. He will munch numbers, letters, words, and anything else that I come up with! I will post about the different ideas, as I figure them out :)

  2. What a nice way to honor your dad.

    Love all of the ducktape creations!

    Team J's Second Grade Fun

    1. Thanks so much! We had a lot of fun with the duct tape!


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