Monday, August 3, 2015

BTS Sale and Markdown Monday!

I love Back-to-School time for so many reasons. Back to school shopping is one of my favorites! I love the look and feel of new crayons, the sharp point of a brand new Sharpee, and the possibilities that a blank notebook holds. Yes, it is way too obvious that I am a teacher...

Another sale that I love is the Teachers Pay Teachers annual back-to-school sale! I had tons of great learning resources and clip art on my wish list, itching to jump into my cart. Now the sale is here and I am ready to go!
 Everything in my store is 20% off for the site-wide sale from August 3rd-August 4th. Put in the promo code: BTS15 and get an additional 10% off your cart.

Since teachers spend so much of our own money, I thought it would be nice to put together a great collection of back-to-school freebies. Head over to this post to see the Back-to-School freebie link up. If you have a great back-to-school freebie or blog post, please feel free to link up!
Before I go, I had to share my newest creation! I'm sooooo excited about this new set of learning resources. It is definitely my favorite creation to date.
 I've always been a fan of word walls. I think that they are fantastic resources, but I have not always had the space to utilize them. When I was a special education resource teacher, I worked from a cart in a variety of places. I never had one permanent space to utilize a word wall. I went through a variety of different types of portable word walls- thematic file folders with and without Velcro, words affixed to my cart, a traveling pocket chart, and index cards in strange places. I always seemed to come back to the word rings.

They are portable, yet organized. I like the simplicity of containing all the words on one ring, but the ability to pull it apart and really interact with the same words.

I love the way the word rings lend themselves to grouping words into categories. It creates a great visual for kids when you snap the ring shut on a group of words.

It was natural that I finally got around to creating my own version of the portable word wall. I've been creating this product for about a year. I have printed a number of versions and tried them out in a bunch of different ways. I finally decided it was ready to share. The "Grab & Go Portable Word Walls" are available in a small and large version to meet your needs. Here is a quick look below.
 I'll be sharing more about the "Grab & Go" walls soon, but here is a visual tour of some of my ideas...

You can pick up the "Grab & GO: School Version" for 50% off until the morning of 8/4. Put in the BTS15 promo code and get another 10$ off!  I hope that you love it as much as I do.
I also would love to take any requests for future editions. I am almost done with the farm edition.
Leave me a comment with anything you would like to use in your own class!
I've also linked up with Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations for the Markdown Monday Link Up! I've marked down my Devouring Donuts: Number Line 0-20, Subtraction, and Active Learning pack. You can pick it up now for $3.20 + an extra 10% off with the promo code. That is a steal!
Happy shopping!
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