Sunday, September 20, 2015


Kids love to learn about their names!
They are highly motivated to explore everything about their name and the names of their friends. I created some FREE interactive worksheets, so kids can explore many features of names.
This freebie is editable and easy to use. There are two versions for the worksheet where they work on their own name and for the "All In A Name" worksheet that works on a friend's name.
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Below are the two versions for kids to work on their own name. This editable version allows you to type in each child's name at the top of the worksheet. They are then able to trace the letters in their name.
Version #1 includes: tracing their name, writing each letter of their name in separate boxes, writing the first letter of their name, circling all the letters in their name & identifying vowels and consonants.
 Version #2 includes: tracing their name, writing each letter of their name in separate boxes, coloring the vowels red and consonants blue, rainbow writing their name, counting syllables in their name, counting and drawing a circle for each letter in their name, and circling all the letters in their name.
The "All In A Name" worksheet has the same two versions, but these worksheets allow kids to explore their classmates' names.  Just print them out and you are ready to go!

Version #1-
Version #2-
Students choose a name from your word wall, written on a popsicle stick or card, or from any place in the room. They will copy the name and start exploring!! 
Want a bonus worksheet?
Save this image and get your kids exploring!!
I hope that you find these interactive worksheets helpful! Check out my Grab & Go: Portable Word Walls and Little Books for more resources that help kids explore and interact with words.
At this time the available Grab & Go Resource Packs are:
There is a companion pack that is almost done! You can use these interactive worksheets in a center, where kids will explore the features of thematic words or sight words. It helps get kids invested and excited about their own learning!

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