Friday, January 17, 2014

Giveaway Ends on Monday 12:00 AM!!!

Get your entry in this weekend!  This amazing giveaway ends at 12:00 AM on Monday 1/20/14.

                                                              a Rafflecopter giveaway

                                                               a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some of the amazing teachers that have donated to this giveaway:

First Grade Diva Creations donated a winner's choice.  What fun!  I went through her wonderful store and immediately as drawn to Sneezy The Snowman: Ice Cream Shop.  What student doesn't love snowmen and ice cream?!  It looks like such fun :)

Alicia Lykins donated "Get To Know You Glyph".  This is a fun way to get to know your students and for them to get to know each other.

Kim from Creations by Kim Parker donated a friendly letter writing pack.  Prompts include letters written from the student's perspective, as well as, prompts that have to be written from another person's perspective.

Christopher Mitchell donated an Endangered Animals Television Commercial Research Project.  This is awesome!  It allows students to plan, research, write, and then simulate a  complete TV commercial or public Service Announcement about the endangered animal they selected.

Katie Orr donated a winner's choice.  I love this!  I love being able to search through so many amazing stores.  I found a unique product that is now on my wishlist.  She has such fun ideas for creating collaborative groups.  If you want fun, fast, and creative ways to create collaborative groups, then the Collaborative Groups Mega Pack is for you!

Jennifer Bazzit donated a product that teaches student's about the Bill of Rights in a fun and unique way.  They are able to help an alien nation to create their own Bill of Rights.  They get to use their imagination and create meaningful learning experiences.

Last, but not least, Primary World donated a building words activity.  Cut & Build Winter Words allows students to cut apart letters and physically interact with the letters.  Students are able to use the scrambled letters to create as many different words as they are able.  I love this activity, because students are able to differentiate for themselves.

I loved being able to share all these wonderful products and stores with you!  I love the feeling of collaboration that blogs and TPT have added to the field of education.  I feel more connected and creative by associating with all of you wonderful teachers!  Thanks so much for helping me become a better teacher!

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