Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Fun with Ten Frames PLUS a Freebie

I love using egg cartons to really make the concept of ten frames concrete.  You can use them in
so many ways.  I've included a freebie that addresses finding pairs that make 10.  I used the recording sheets, so I could assess students ability to represent the addition sentence with objects in the ten frame and by writing the addition sentence.

Students can play independently or as partners.  I added a set of numeral cards 0-10 to the center.  Mix up the cards.  I had the student choose a numeral card.  Explain that the card that chosen will always stand for the first number in the addition sentence.  Students will represent the number sentence with manipulatives in the ten frame and then record it on the recording sheet. There are two types of recording sheets.
Here is the second recording sheet.  Students are able to record more "making 10" addition sentences.  In this center, students used penguin numeral cards to create the addition sentences. 
One thing that we noticed, while creating the addition sentences, is that the pom poms in the plastic containers were opposite of the pom poms that we used in the ten frames.  Students made 6+4 on the ten frame and 4+in the plastic containers.
You can also use ten frame cards, in place of the numeral cards.  Students will draw a ten frame card and create the matching pom poms in the egg carton.  Students will then fill the rest of the ten frame to create an addition sentence. 
Have fun with it and keep collecting egg cartons :)
The penguin numeral and ten frame cards are from my "Penguin Math Scavenger Hunt: Numerals, Ten Frames, Counting and Cardinality" pack.
 I also am linking up with Teaching With Nancy for her T.G.I.F. Weekly Freebie!  Be sure to check out these amazing blogs for great freebies :)
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