Thursday, April 10, 2014

Secret Admirer Clue #4

I am participating in a wonderful swap with another blogger.  Amanda, from The Primary Gal, set us up with a blogger that we have been secretly admiring.  It is sooo exciting, because the blogger that I chose has NO idea that I have chosen this blog.

I wanted to involve all of you in the fun!  I will be giving out clues Monday-Friday of this week.  Each clue will lead you a little closer to the blogger I admire. 

If you can guess the blogger that I admire, I will offer you a product $3 or less from my store.  You can guess once a day.  Your guess must be made in the comments on the page.  On Saturday when the blogger is revealed, every person that correctly guessed the blogger will be able to choose a product $3 or less from my store.  EVERY person with the correct guess!!

You have 5 chances to guess the blogger :)  Before I give you your next clue, I am going to tell you that I have NOT yet seen the correct blog.  I love and admire so many of them and now have found more to admire!  Wanted to help you out, so you can give it another try!

Here is your fourth clue:
Click here to see Clue #1!
Click here for Clue #2.
Click here for Clue #3.


  1. First Grade Friendly Froggies

  2. Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten Kreations


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