Friday, April 25, 2014

Trade & Grade! "Magic E"

I was lucky enough to get paired up with Stephany Dillon from Primary Possiblities for this Trade and Grade!
I was so excited when I got her "Super Silent e" pack!  I love hands on activities and she has them in this product.
There is so much to love in this unit!  The first thing that caught my eye, is that Stephany includes 4 different anchor charts with different "silent e" names.  This is amazing!  So many teachers call that "slippery e" by different names.  Here you have 4 choices: "silent e", "bossy e", "super e", and "magic e"  AND the posters are attractive and informative.
After printing out the unit, the first game that we tried out was the "silent e stars" board game.  You can print this out in color or B/W and it still looks great.
 This game was a huge hit!  There are 30 cards with "silent e".  All you need is some goofy game pieces and you are ready to go.  Kids simply choose a card.  If they can read it, they move ahead.  If they have trouble with the word, they stay where they are and try again on the next word.  It is amazing how eager kids are to simply read words, when they are paired with a game :)
We broke out the pocket chart for the "Real and Nonsense Words".   There are 15 real and 15 nonsense words provided in this activity.  The kids had a great time reading and trying to figure out whether they had a real or nonsense word.  There were lots of giggles and jokes with this activity.  Stephany also includes a recording sheet, where students can record their answers.  This allows you to check their progress later. 
This activity is very easy to differentiate, in terms of the amount of words that you provide at one time.  Some students will be able to handle the 30 words.  With others, you can provide a smaller amount.  The recording sheet will be the same, no matter how many words the students use.
My favorite part of the pack is the "silent e" wands!!!  I love anything that kids can hold and move around.  This brings the kinesthetic learning into the "silent e" words.  Students can actually tap the vowel with the "silent e" wand to make it say it's name.  For some students, the act of physically touching that vowel with the "e" may help them make that connection. 
There are 6 different colored "silent e" star wands. 
There are 6 sets of word cards to use with the wands.  Each set is a different color, so it is easy to keep them separated in a center.
Stephany includes a recording sheet for real and nonsense words.  After students use their wands to make the words, they will record the word on the recording sheet.
There also is a sentence unscramble center.  There are many CVCE words in the sentences and students need to use their knowledge of sentence structure to rearrange the words.  There are 6 different sentences to unscramble.
 There are also two different recording sheets.  I had a student who was only ready to work on 3 sentences at a time.  Having two choices in recording sheets, made differentiating so easy. 
I had students illustrate the sentence on the back of the recording sheet. 
"Match 'Em Up" is a fun matching game.  There are 16 words and 16 pictures. 
We did this in a few different ways.  For some students, they just put the words in a pile and went to work matching them up.  For others, I split the set in two.  They were better able to work with a smaller amount of cards.  We also used the cards to play memory.  This was everyone's favorite. 
After matching all the words and cards, students can complete the recording sheet, where they write the word that matches the picture.
There are also tons of printables to extend students learning.  Below is a "Long a" worksheet, where students draw a picture to illustrate the word.  There is a worksheet for each long vowel.
 These extension worksheets were really fun!  Students got to use their fine motor skills to cut out the pictures or words and match on the worksheets. 
I really loved the aspect of the second worksheet, where students were able to add the e to the CVC and "create" the long vowel word.
 You also get this fun printable!  Students color the real words red and the nonsense words blue, adding some fun to their long vowel practice!
Thanks for exploring Stephany's "Super Silent E Unit" with me!  My kids and I loved it!  I feel so fortunate to be able to share it with you :)

Click here for a sample from Stephany's unit that she wanted to share with you!

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