Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Addition Machine Gets Ready For Summer!

I LOVE my portable addition machine from the hardware store.  It is a p trap with a drain at the bottom.  Pretty cheap.  I think it was about $5, but it's been awhile since I bought one.  All you do is use a permanent marker to write an addition sign on the front and you are ready to go!  For a more complete post on how I set mine up, click here.
Here is my portable addition machine all set up and ready for summer!  Kids love the magic of the addition machine!  It adds even more excitement when you change the manipulatives to something novel or thematic.  For summer, what is better than shells?
All you do is get a bunch of shells.  Mine are actually from a long ago trip to the beach.  Let the kids play with them and then get ready to ADD!  I use dry erase markers to write the numbers that we will add on the front of the top two containers and an equals sign on the bottom container.  We count out the correct number of shells.
 Pour them in the adding machine.
 Open it up and pour the shells into the bottom container.  We count and find our sum!
I use the adding machine with my "Fill Up My Bucket!" packet.  There are different counting and adding activities in this pack and shells work perfectly.  Here is one of the addition centers.  Students choose a card and recreate the equation with the shell manipulatives.
 They pour them in.
 Add them up.
 And find the mat with the matching sum.  Some great hands on fun!
For the next few weeks, my "Fill Up My Bucket" unit is part of a bundle on Educents.  You can scoop it up along with 9 other products for $10.99.  That is 75% off the regular price.  If you are in the market for some summer activities, check it out!
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You can also take peek at some of the other products included in the bundle at any of the links below!

Thanks for exploring beachy addition with me!
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