Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fun With CVC Words! + Freebies!

I'm always looking for fun ways for kids to practice reading and sorting CVC words.  It can get boring, if students only read the words from a list.  Here are a couple different games to sort both real CVC words and nonsense words. 

I created a game or center for sorting real words by picture. "Sorting CVC Words: Real and Nonsense Words".
In the first game, students will sound out the CVC words and sort them onto a mat by the picture.Here is a picture of the ocean and forest mats with the ocean and forest animals.  It adds some fun to practicing CVC words.

In the same pack, I made a game for sorting real and nonsense words.  Students will read the CVC words and sort them onto the "Real" or "Nonsense" mat.
Both games have recording sheets, where students record the words that they sorted on the mats.
There is also an extension worksheet for each game.  Students will choose 4 of the real words and write a sentence with each of the words.
I came across a wonderful teacher with great ideas.  Her store is Wigglin' in Kinder.  This game is a CVC word sort.  Students will sort real and nonsense words.  She includes additional words for nonsense, in case you use different words in your classroom.  She also includes the cookies and jars in color and black and white.  Awesome! 
There are 3 different recording sheets, so you can use exactly what your students need!
I have 2 more games to share.  They are both free in my store!  I would love your feedback, if you find them useful to your students!
This game is a CVC nonsense word sort.  Students will practice sounding out and blending nonsense words, but still have fun while sorting by animal.  "Free: Farm and Zoo Animals: Early Sound Blending CVC Nonsense Words".
The other freebie is "Amazing Animals: Early Sound Blending CVC Words, Zoo and Farm Animals".  Students will use early learning decoding skills to read CVC words. To make the learning fun, students will then sort CVC words by classifying the animals on the cards. Students will sort animals by zoo and farm animals. There are two extension activities that are available for this center/game. Students will either record the CVC words, based on their animal classification, or create 5 original sentences using their choice of 5 CVC words.
Thanks for sticking with me!  I would love to hear some ideas that you use to make reading CVC words fun, in your classroom!


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  1. WOW! These are great freebies...stand alone and combined! My struggling friends can work with one of the sets where my more enriched students are going to have a bit of both combined to do a farm/zoo real/nonsense sort! THANKS so much! The graphics and sorting mats are adorable and so engaging! Perfect for spring themes too!


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