Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day Sale Days!

Are you ready for the snow days????  Here is something to make the snow days a little sweeter- a few of my blogger friends decided to get together and throw a "Snow Day Sale!"

You are going to "wowed" by products that are either 50% off or just $1!!!
Each blogger has chosen 2 products to 'snow'case for the sale!
Here are my two products:
The first is my product for only $1!  Such a steal and fits right in with the snowy days :) 

This is a winter / penguin themed game or center. Students will find numerals, ten frames, or count penguins 0-20.

This game is appropriate both for a school or homeschooled setting. This game is appropriate for preschool and kindergarten aged students, any students that need extra practice, as well as, for special education instruction. This game gets kids up and moving and prepares them for "Write the Room" activities. I've included blank cards which can be used for specific numerals, number words, etc. You can use the blank recording sheets to work with your customized cards. Recording sheets are differentiated.

You can see it in action here!
And what is more fitting for our extreme weather, than a center/game on weather!  This is on sale for $1.50! 
This is a weather themed center, game and printables. This is a game that can be used in a center or small group setting. It is appropriate for advanced preschoolers, kindergarten, special education instruction, or for any student that needs extra practice in learning their upper and lowercase letters. There is a lot of repetition to help students strengthen their knowledge of the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet. You can use this game to focus on letter names, or to focus on the sound that each letter makes.
 These deals are only good for Wednesday February 12th and Thursday February 13th!

Are you having a 'snow day' sale too?  Grab the button above and link up here: This is a Blog Hop!

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