Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Forever Freebie!

It feels like the Arctic around here lately, so I decided to make a freebie with Arctic images :)
I am working with a student right now, who needs a lot of practice identifying even and odd numbers.  I wanted to make a fun little game that would help him identify even and odd numbers, while still thinking it was fun. 
I hot glue foam to the back of the numbers to make them easier for students to manipulate.
He loves the bingo markers, so I added some dot or dabber extension pages.  Students will identify the number and decide if the number is even or odd.  Student will dot/dab the even or odd circle.  There is also a Cut & Paste activity that students can complete, as an extension activity after the center.
 I would love for you to leave me a comment on any skills or themes that you might need for games/centers.  I always love hearing what other teachers want and need :)

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