Monday, May 12, 2014

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

My kids and I have been really loving the "FIVES" poetry!  It has really helped my daughter understand the concept of taking away.  She is counting up and down and all over the place!  This set of "FIVES" is bumblebees.  I am sharing a copy of the poem for everyone to use!  It is an original poem that my husband is probably tired of hearing- OVER and OVER!!

Before I get to the packet, I wanted to share one of my favorite songs from Laurie Berkner.  It happens to be all about bumblebees!  Kids love to listen and jump around to this song.  It also involves counting and adding bees.  You can use the bees from the packet to act out the "Bumblebee" song :)

This learning pack has 6 components.  The first component is an original poem about "Five Little Bumblebees".  You can get your free copy here.  It includes the match concepts of subtraction "taking away", identifying numerals, counting "How many?", matching objects and numerals.  You can also focus on the rhyming words in the poem, number words, punctuation, spacing, and capitalization.  I created a copy of the poem that you can use in a pocket chart or on the floor.  I personally LOVE the pocket chart. 

Here is a picture of the poem in the pocket chart, along with the pictures and numerals that go along with the poem.
I have also included individual words in the packet.  Students can put the words in order with spaces and punctuation, or match specific words to the already existing poem.
Kids can color and tape their own bumblebee to a popsicle stick to make a focus wand or bumblebee puppet.
Here is my favorite part of all of the "FIVES"!  The pinterest inspired Pringles can!  My inspiration was from "How Long Is Your Hall?"  She created an awesome "5 Little Speckled Frogs" out of a Pringles can, froggies, and some Velcro.  GENIUS!

I use the same concept for all my "FIVES".  It is so easy to store all the materials in the can and so engaging for the kids to explore addition and subtraction.  I used scrapbook paper with clouds for the can.  I laminated the paper and hot glued it to the can.  I used bumblebee finger puppets from Oriental Trading.  You can see how to turn finger puppets into manipulatives here.   
Here are the affiliate links that I used for my finger puppet manipulatives!

Here is the teacher set of puppets that you can use to have students act out the poem.  I didn't do it in these pictures, but I find it works best to write the numeral on the front of the stick, too.  This way students on both sides of the puppet can see the numeral.
Another aspect, that I love, is the interactive book.  This is the second component of the pack.  It includes both color and B/W copies of an interactive book and subtraction book represented by X's.
Below, is a picture of the interactive book. The bees are attached to the book with Velcro.  I love Velcro, because it allows students to interact with the bees.  They are able to physically "take away" a bee from the top page and place it on the bottom page.  It is great for kinesthetic learners!   
 Here is a picture of the book that represents subtraction with X's.
The third component of this pack is the Alphabet Extension Worksheets.
 There are two differentiated options for the worksheets.  In the easier version, students will cut and glue the letters to match the letters in the boxes.  In the more difficult version, students will cut and glue the specific letters without a model.
I've include tons of focus wands that you can create to help students focus on the specific letters.  There are small and large focus wands.
The fourth component is the "Word Extension Worksheets".
 There are three differentiated options.  
 Students use the focus wands to identify the specific word they will find.
They will find the word on the personal poem, or on the pocket chart poem.
 In this set of "FIVES", I have also included a copy of the poem that can be used in poetry journals.  You can use the poem in the poetry journal to highlight specific letters, words, or to illustrate the poem.
 The fifth component of the pack is "Number Extension Worksheets".
 There are two differentiated options.
 Students can identify the number words in the poem.
 They can also identify the numeral or count the same number of bees.
 The sixth component is "Subtraction Practice".
 There are two different extension worksheets with "I can" posters to aid students in completing the worksheets.
 Students can also use focus wands to identify the different parts of a subtraction sentence.  Below, shows the minuend.
 The subtrahend.
 The difference.
 Students can use bee manipulatives to act out the number sentence.  This is very helpful for students that need to experience math through hands-on activities.
Thanks for taking a look at my "Five Little Bumblebees" pack.  I hope that you can use the poem and found some useful ideas.

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 Hope you have a wonderful week!

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