Thursday, May 1, 2014

FIVES! The Puppies Are Here! + FREEBIE

The puppies are here!  I finally finished my next pack of "FIVES"!  This is my favorite, so far.  I love dogs, puppies in particular, so I was excited to find these adorable puppies from Educlips !
This poetry unit has 6 components.  I created a zip file, with each component as it's own file.  

The first part of this pack is the original poem written about puppies.  You can get a free copy here.  It includes the math concepts of subtraction "taking away", identifying numerals, counting "How many?", matching objects and numerals.  Students will also be able to identify number words, punctuation, and capitalization.  I've included a copy of the poem to use on your pocket chart, or on the floor.
I have also included each individual word in the poem.  Students can match number words.
 Sight words, high frequency words, or specific words that you choose.
 Or punctuation.
I have included various manipulatives to help students with concrete learning opportunities.  Students will be able to use puppets to act-out the puppies "going away".
I also provide a "Country Scene" and puppy manipulatives.  You can put velcro on the scene and put on and take off puppies.  As you read the poem, you can "take away" a puppy with each stanza.

My favorite part of all the "FIVES" poems is the pinterest inspired Pringle can toy.  You can see my inspiration here  in this wonderful post from the blog "How Long Is This Hall?"  She used a Pringles can, some plastic frogs, and Velcro to create this magnificent manipulative!!! 
Please check out her froggies!  They are adorable.

I use the same concept for all my "FIVES".  I used some forest scrapbooking paper to wrap around my Pringles can.  This time I laminated it first and then hot glued it to the can.  
The puppies are actually plastic finger puppets.  I think they were from Oriental trading.  Click here to see the DIY directions to transform the finger puppets into manipulatives.

My favorite part about this learning toy is that all the manipulatives are stored inside the can after you are done.
Students can make their own puppy puppets to act out the poem, or to use as focus wands.
Using both complete sentences and individual words, allows students to choose a sentence and unscramble the words.  I put a letter sticker on the back of each completed sentence and put the matching letter on the bag of scrambled words.
Here is an example of a student unscrambling the sentence.
The second component is the large interactive book.
You can create an interactive book to use with the whole class.  I laminate and bind the book and add Velcro to each page.  
Students are able to physically "take away" the puppies.
There is also another version of the large book that demonstrates subtraction by putting X's on the puppies that are "taken away".

The third component is the Alphabet Extension Worksheets.
This part of the unit contains large and small focus wands to find letters on the pocket chart poem or personal poem.  Here are the focus wands and the personal poems.
Students will use a focus wand to find the letter on the worksheet and on the poem.
They will then complete one of two differentiated worksheets.  They will trace and write the letter, highlight the letter, and cut and paste the correct letter.

The fourth component is Word Extension Worksheets.
These are very similar to the alphabet extension worksheets, except they focus on words. 
There are three differentiated worksheets for the word hunts.
I have also included blank worksheets, so that you can choose your own specific words.

The fifth component is Number Extension Worksheets.
These are very similar to the other extension worksheets, except that they focus on number words.
There are two differentiated worksheets to choose for each number word.

The sixth component of the unit is the Subtraction Practice Extension Activities.
This includes subtraction cards with equations and subtraction cards represented by objects.  These task cards can be used for memory, for matching the equation to the pictorial representation, or students can choose a picture card and record the correct equation on one of the differentiated worksheets.  
 There is are two "I can" picture directions that you can place in a center to help students remember the steps in recording a subtraction equation.
 The following pictures demonstrate students identifying the parts of the number sentence.  They are highlighting the specific numbers with their focus wands.  I use the terminology "how many in all?" and ask them to find the minuend.   
 "How many are taken away?" and I ask students to find the subtrahend.
"How many are left?" and students will find the difference.  I find it helpful to provide the puppy picture mat along with the number sentence, when working with some children.  To make it even more concrete, you can use manipulatives and act it out, while students identify the numbers in the number sentence.
This set of puppy activities is differentiated and can be used with preschool, kindergarten, beginning of the year first grade, special education, and of course for all you homeschooling parents! 

I hope that you found something useful in this LONG post!  Sorry it was so long, but I had so much to share.  The puppies will be 50% off for the first 24 hours.  Click here to go right to TPT.
 If you loved the puppies and want the sharks, as well, click here!
Here are the affiliate links that I used for my finger puppet manipulatives!

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  1. Laura I love this post. It is awesome! The puppies are so cute and I love how you have tied the whole unit together. I wish I knew how to make a private comment because I don't want to put anything on your blog that someone might take as negative, but I just want to make you aware that several of your "click here" or "find it here" connections aren't working. Maybe it is something on my end and not yours at all!

    1. Jolene- Thanks so much! Thanks so much for letting me know! I will go back and fix them. Sometimes I get so excited to share something that I miss some things. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a comment!! It really made my day :)

  2. What fun ideas. I love the puppets. Thanks so much for sharing on our Facebook share day!

    1. Thanks so much for having a share day! I love all the ideas on your FB page :)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your lesson and freebie at the After School Linky!


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