Saturday, May 24, 2014

Flip-Flop Blog Hop

I was lucky to be paired with A Teacher Mom!  I got to try out some of her Phonics Games for Grade 1.  The set I chose, focuses on 5 sound blends and adding suffixes -ed and -ing.  You can see her pack here.  This set is full of games and activities that help your students practice these specific skills.
I tutor students who need a lot of extra practice in these areas.  These games allowed us to focus on the skills, while still having fun.
There are a ton of games included in this pack.  It includes:
• Bingo
• Memory
• Build and Spell- A-Word
• I Have…Who Has…
• Trick Word Coloring
• Real and Nonsense Word Sort
We started out with Bingo.  This was done in a small group setting.  There are five different Bingo cards, but you could do it as a partner game.  There words are written on cards with adorable butterflies on them. 
 We added fun jungle themed plastic animals to cover our Bingo boards.  It just adds to the fun!
Next, is Memory!  Who doesn't love Memory??  This is also a very easy game to differentiate. 
I have some students who need a smaller number of cards to be successful.  All I needed to do was limit the number of matches for the game.  It allowed my struggling students to succeed.
"Build and Spell-a-Word" is a fun game!!  Students are able to use the letter and suffix cards to build a word.  After building the word, they add up their points and get a score.  They are able to write their words on the recording sheet.
 Another option that I really loved, was the ability to really focus in on one specific blend.  I wrote the blend on a separate card, so that it would really stand out from the other cards.  This focuses student attention on the blend and where it appears in the word.  Then, they are able to create words with the blend, with and without suffixes.
The game "I Have... Who Has" is also included in this pack!  Kids LOVE this game!  They forget that they are practicing reading fluency and are waiting for their turn to shine :)  The cards also include wonderful, whimsical tree graphics.
There are some great "trick" word coloring pages.  Students can color in the letters to help them remember their trick words.  The kinesthetic motion of tracing or coloring the letters in the word, helps some students cement that word in their minds.
Last, but not least, is the "Real and Nonsense" Word Sort.  Students are able to work with words that only contain blends, or they are able to work on words that contain blends and suffixes.
 We sorted on the pocket chart and used clipboards to record our real and nonsense words.  There are always a lot of giggles when reading the nonsense words!
Not only does A Teacher Mom have all these great games, she also has a companion pack that includes tons of practice with blends and suffixes.  Click here to see her practice pack.
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