Thursday, May 1, 2014

DIY Puppy Manipulatives From Finger Puppets

This is a very simple DIY!  All you need is finger puppets (they have tons at Oriental Trading), cotton balls, hot glue gun, Velcro, and super glue. 

Stuff your finger puppet full of cotton balls.  This will give the puppy manipulative a little more weight and substance.
Use your hot glue gun and coat the whole bottom of the finger puppet with hot glue.  Try and get it as flat and smooth as possible.  Mine is not flat in the picture, because I was trying to hot glue and take the picture at the same time :)
Prop your finger puppet up straight.  This will let the glue dry flat.
After the glue is dry, you will super glue on a piece of Velcro.  This will keep the Velcro attached to the puppy, when using the manipulatives on the Pringles can.
You are done!  You have your own puppies for your Pringles can!
Here are the affiliate links that I used for my finger puppet manipulatives!

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