Thursday, August 11, 2016

Preschool Conference 2016
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I was lucky enough today to present at an early childhood conference! This is a quick post to provide a link to my hand-out for all the wonderful people that attended the workshop. This is a resource with tons of hands-on ideas to enhance learning!  The resource will be updated in the next week, so be sure to check back for more ideas.

Click here to get your copy of the resource.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Alphabet Road Race

Differentiation Station Creations
There is nothing better than watching a child learn through play. Hearing children beg to play with learning games keeps me creating! One of my all time favorites is any game with matchbox cars! I particularly love using interactive mats where kids can practice letter and numeral formation while "driving" along. So. Much. Fun.
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In the olden days, I made these mats with construction paper, white crayon, and lots of cutting. With my trusty clip art and fonts, now I can whip out the mats with the push of a button!
 I love technology. I have to thank KB3Teach for the fantastic Bus Route font. I requested that she create a font that would work for transportation themed mats and this amazing font surpassed all my imaginings!
I love to have materials with lots of options. I like a lot of bang for my buck :)  So, I wanted to make a large and small set of Road Race Letter Mats. 

Use Larger Mats In A Variety Of Ways

Include toy cars to practice letter formation and letter identification.

Include dry erase markers to trace the letters.

Include play dough.

Use Small Cards In A Variety Of Ways

Take with you during transitions to practice letter identification or letter sounds.

Put on a ring and students can trace with fingers, play dough, or dry erase markers.

Include large and small mats in your block center to add a literacy component!

You can pick up my Alphabet At Work pack in my TPT store. I've included both color and black and white for all of the cards, so you can use the option that works best for you!
Want more activities to use with your toy cars?  Check out ZOOM: Addition Center with Dominoes & Dice.
Use the car manipulatives provided or use toy cars. An engaging way to learn and practice addition.
There are also 2 transportation versions of an addition BUMP-like game. Roll 2 dice, find the sum, and drive your car into the parking space with the matching numeral. Get the Back To School edition here

 Get the fun transportation edition here!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Wild About Sharks + Freebie

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Get Wild About Sharks With Freebies, Ideas, and Resources

All of the fun shark content has moved to my new blog. Head over to find all of the shark freebies, ideas and resources.
I have a ton of shark facts and activities for you! All the shark activities, freebies, and ideas are over on  my new blog.

Head over and find some fun shark activities! If you have any requests, please email me. I am always glad to create something that will really work for you in your classroom!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Clip A Prefix Freebie!

Clip-A-Prefix Freebie  

This low-prep prefix activity gets students interacting with prefixes and root words. The blog post with all the information and free resources has moved over to my new blog.  Head over to pick up your free prefix, suffix, and inflectional endings resources now!

Differentiation Station Creations has moved to  Find more teaching ideas, resources, and tons of freebies at the new blog. Let me know what you think!

Friday, April 8, 2016

From Photos to Stories!

Photographs are a great way to grab student interest and curiosity. There is something magnetic in looking at a photograph that brings out creativity. There are tons of ways to spark student interest with photos.

Use Photos of Yourself and Your Students

Using photographs of yourself, you family, or your students is an amazing way to capture your students' attention. Kids love to see themselves in their world. It is thrilling for a child to see their image within instructional materials. By using their photo, you make them famous AND you guarantee that they will pay attention to the activity.

Kids also have a fascination about their teacher's life outside of school. By sharing photos of yourself and your family, you are giving your students a small piece of yourself. That is a powerful thing.
You can snap pictures of your children whenever you think about it and use these pictures for instruction. Bring you camera or phone to lunch or recess and snap some pics. Real life pictures will grab their attention, spark excitement, and bring on the creativity.
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Use Photos From a Magazine

As you get your hair done, wait in the doctor's office, or before you go to sleep; flip through magazines and find some great photographs that may get your kids excited!

Find Photographs Online

You can find tons of interesting photographs online. I created a Pinterest Board just for Creative Picture Writing Prompts. Pinterest is a great place to find educational ideas by the millions!

From Photos To Stories

I have a freebie to share with you!
I wanted to create a set of easy resources that would let me create a reusable anchor chart. In this freebie, I've included two sets of labels that you can use to create an anchor chart with your students. Simply, choose the size that works best for you!

Print and cut out the labels. Use with a pocket chart or affix to a large piece of chart paper. Laminate the chart paper and you have a reusable anchor chart. Students can use post-it notes to identify the story elements from a story that you read OR they can use the post-it notes to create a new story.

I included a silly photo of my cat in this pack. She's wearing a lobster suit and it has so many possibilities for creative writing. There is also a graphic organizer with the photo included. You can use this organizer to help students create their own story.

Get your FREE set of "From Photos to Stories" here.

I am in the process of creating more Photo Writing prompts, so stay tuned!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

5 Little Speckled Frogs Freebie

Frogs are fabulous! They are intriguing and irresistible to many young children. I love using frogs to teach any subject and concept. I'm sharing some of my favorite activities using these playful amphibians and sharing a new froggy freebie! I created this interactive storybook and counting mat to go along with the song "Five Little Speckled Frogs". It's fun to use and easy to make AND it's free! You can pick up your free copy here.
I had some adorable speckled frog squirters that were just dying to be used, so I decided to make a prop for the 5 Little Speckled Frogs song. I hot glued magnets to the bottom and added them to my cardboard log (the insert that comes with my printer ink). See picture directions on making your own frogs on a log here
The magnetic frogs on a log are great to use for so many things. You can use them to demonstrate positional words (slap some magnets to the sides of the log and the frog will hang out on the side of the log, too). Use them for counting, singing, telling stories, and so much more. You can also use them while singing the song, "Five Little Speckled Frogs".
Need more frog ideas? Here are some of favorite activities involving frogs!
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Use a life size number line and kids can become frogs to practice numeral recognition, skip counting, addition, subtraction, or even beginning multiplication! See it in action here! Get a skip counting pack here.
Grab another froggy freebie to practice long and short vowel sounds. It's fun and engaging! See it in action here. Get the freebie here.
Bring out your sensory tub and explore the life cycle of frogs. See what we did in ours here.
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Hope you have a fantastic Leap Year's day tomorrow! 
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