Friday, July 29, 2016

Alphabet Road Race

There is nothing better than watching a child learn through play. Hearing children beg to play with learning games keeps me creating! One of my all time favorites is any game with matchbox cars! I particularly love using interactive mats where kids can practice letter and numeral formation while "driving" along. So. Much. Fun.
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In the olden days, I made these mats with construction paper, white crayon, and lots of cutting. With my trusty clip art and fonts, now I can whip out the mats with the push of a button!
 I love technology. I have to thank KB3Teach for the fantastic Bus Route font. I requested that she create a font that would work for transportation themed mats and this amazing font surpassed all my imaginings!
I love to have materials with lots of options. I like a lot of bang for my buck :)  So, I wanted to make a large and small set of Road Race Letter Mats. 

Use Larger Mats In A Variety Of Ways

Include toy cars to practice letter formation and letter identification.

Include dry erase markers to trace the letters.

Include play dough.

Use Small Cards In A Variety Of Ways

Take with you during transitions to practice letter identification or letter sounds.

Put on a ring and students can trace with fingers, play dough, or dry erase markers.

Include large and small mats in your block center to add a literacy component!

You can pick up my Alphabet At Work pack in my TPT store. I've included both color and black and white for all of the cards, so you can use the option that works best for you!
Want more activities to use with your toy cars?  Check out ZOOM: Addition Center with Dominoes & Dice.
Use the car manipulatives provided or use toy cars. An engaging way to learn and practice addition.
There are also 2 transportation versions of an addition BUMP-like game. Roll 2 dice, find the sum, and drive your car into the parking space with the matching numeral. Get the Back To School edition here

 Get the fun transportation edition here!


  1. Ha! I had one of those "what in the world is going on" moments when the Bus Route and Alpha Highway fonts just got super-busy. Finally tracked it down to this website. I should have known you would come up with something too-freaking-cute-for-words! I love how you've used your Differentiation Stations Creations inspired font. (SO glad you requested it!) It took forever to create, but was well worth it. Seeing kids so engaged with the letters makes this teacher/fontmaker's heart h.a.p.p.y. (KB3Teach)

    1. Awww! You made my day! I need to thank you for creating this fantastic font. I have a bunch of projects in the works with these fun fonts. You did an amazing job!!!

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