Friday, April 15, 2016

Clip A Prefix Freebie!

How can you make prefixes hands-on? Add a clothespin! Try this low-prep activity to get your kids interacting with prefixes and root words.
Gather some clothespins and popsicle sticks to create an interactive center! This activity adds a hands on element to rote practice with prefixes and suffixes. By using clothespins that clip to the base words, you provide students with a visual and kinesthetic way to add a prefix to a base word. By allowing students to engage with prefixes and base words in a multi-sensory activities, you are reaching more types of learners while they are having fun!

I wanted to create a little freebie that would complement this activity! Download the free recording sheet.
As well as, the small prefix cards. You can print out the prefix cards to use as a reference in a center or on your wall. Put them on a ring for an easy reference!
Getting this center started is very easy. Just write your prefixes on the clothespins and base words that will match the prefixes on the popsicle sticks.
Stick the words in a container and you are ready to go! Students will select a base word and add a prefix that will create a new word. They will then write the new word on the recording sheet. After creating all the new words, students will select 5 (or more) of the new words and write sentences on the back.
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I hope that you find some use for this simple activity! Get your free recording sheet and prefix cards here!

Did you love this activity and want to try it with suffixes?

Get your inflectional endings (-s and -es) set here.

Get your free suffix set here.


  1. Our Spelling word list for next week is all about prefixes! My second graders are going to love this! Thank you!
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