Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snowy Fun...But No Cold!

Winter weather is here. The little pond in our backyard is frozen over except for a tiny patch near the fountain. Not my favorite weather. My kids are wishing for a blanket of powdery snow. I love the beauty of wintry weather, but not the cold. That's why we came up with a bunch of "snowy" fun to play inside.
You can check out our wintry fun over on Classroom Tested Resources. I have a snowy twist on "War". Kids will practice greater and less skills with a "Snowball Fight". Get the game free here. 
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There are also some other fun activities like shoveling snow with sight words,
plunging into the arctic waters to estimate the number of ice balls,
and more snowy fun!
Use the FREE "Snowball Fight" game to practice ordering numbers,
 finding the missing number,
 and creating a number line.
All these activities, and more, from one little freebie!
If you need more snowy fun, check out my Snowballs! Interactive Play Dough Mats. You can get it here. Use play dough to create numerals.
Create snowballs and squish to demonstrate one-to-one correspondence.
 Use ten frames to count and create.
 Use two different colors to solve addition sentences.
Or, use the snowball manipulatives that are included in the pack.
The interactive play dough pack now includes ten frame mats!
Try out a blank ten frame mat in the "Snowball Fight" freebie! Get your kids learning with hands-on fun!

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