Monday, April 18, 2016

Quick and Easy Tabletop Anchor Chart Stands!

I LOVE PVC! I admit it... I do get a little giddy in the hardware store. There are just so many possibilities, just waiting to be created. While I love the mini anchor chart stand that I created out of PVC, it doesn't travel everywhere with me. You never know when you might require a tabletop anchor chart stand!! The DIY directions for the mini PVC anchor chart stand are here.
I happened to be at a friend's house, when I just NEEDED that mini anchor chart stand. Don't you hate it when that happens?
So, I used the supplies available to create this mini-marvel.

All you need:

  • One binder
  • Shipping tape or duct tape
  • Something to sandwich in between the front and back covers of the binder (I used a box of lasagna noodles- unopened to make it sturdier. When I'm done with the stand, I can pull off the tape and we'll have noodles for dinner!)

This mini anchor chart stand is so easy to create!
#1-  flip the binder open backwards. The front and back cover will be facing each other.
#2- Stick your box or cardboard in between.
#3- Wrap tape around the whole contraption. If you want it to be pretty, you could use decorative duct tape or cover the box with pretty paper. The sky is the limit!
#4- You are ready to go! Simply, snap your anchor chart into the 3-ring binder and stick it on your table.
You can use it to hold word walls in a center, word families, phonics rules, math rules, or whatever you need... 
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Hope that one of these Tabletop Anchor Chart Stands will work for your teaching needs!!

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